Changing #hpmglobal (global #hospice & #Palliative Medicine) chat; a new approach….

TwitterFor the last 4 years, every Monday (well a lot of them), a number of us have got together to discuss issues related to global hospice and palliative care.  We have done this under the #hpmglobal hashtag, coupling to the well established #hpm tag……..

Having a global chat for 1 hour is a challenge. In the Northern Summer, 7am in Madison is 10pm in Sydney with all points between heading east. In the Southern summer 11pm in Sydney is 4 am in LA! Not an ideal times for tweet chats. And while these examples are in the US and Australia (High Income Countries), the low and middle countries with which it is most important that we communicate are located between those times. It has important to talk with colleagues in countries including Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, Kenya, Mozambique, S Africa, India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Nepal….. For many of these participants they are among the few palliative care clinicians in their country/region, and find it difficult to take time away from there clinical work.

In an effort to increase global engagement, we are moving to 48 hour chat. This has been used by other global chats, particularly International Urology Journal Club.  The first chat on July 10th, will focus on issues around the use of social media in palliative care.

It will important to label tweets with both the #hpmglobal hashtag and either T1, T2, T3, etc to keep focus on the Topics. My intent is to produce a summary report of the discussions…..

So looking forward to this new format and look forward to your engagement.

Sunday 11am GMT (9p Sydney; 430p Delhi; 2p East Africa; 1p Geneva; 12n London; 7am NYC, 4am LAX) through to Tuesday 11am GMT

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