#hpmglobal tweetchat.

The world of Social Media is certainly an interesting one. Email, blogs, twitter, facebook, Pinterest….. All having an impact of various degrees on the way we interact and communicate.

As Twitter expanded, users created opportunities to bring together the growing community around a subject (#hashtag) to have “live” discussions for a period of time.  @ctsinclair and @rfberry started the #hpm Tweetchat that occurs most Wednesday nights in the US.  This has been a great opportunity for the hospice and palliative medicine community to get together under the direction of a moderator.  Due to the timing of this chat, it has been largely North American based.  Creating a further chat at an early morning time in the US, opened up the opportunity to engage the world other. This is especially true with the Northern hemisphere starting daylight saving and those in the south completing it.

So Monday April 2nd is the first #hpmglobal tweetchat and the opening topic for discussion: What is the most pressing issue you face in #hpm in your country?

Importantly this is an opportunity to add to the #hpm community rather than set up a separate “competing” community, but the use of a “unique hashtag” allows records and review of the discussions after the take place. Some programs (e.g. Tweetdeck) show #hpmglobal in a column following #hpm, so is more inclusive.

So a few instructions (based on @ctsinclairs #hpm tweetchat guide;


Accessing a tweetchat.

  1. In whatever program you are using, search or create a column with #hpmglobal (you will have to ensure #hpmglobal is in each tweet).
  2. or Go to http://tweetchat.com, sign in with Twitter and then enter hpmglobal after the # symbol at the top of the screen (with tweetchat #hpmglobal will be included automatically with all your tweets)

Some Tweetchat “etiquette” 

  1. Introduce yourself to group with name and place, also alerting your followers that you will be potentially having some increased activity in the next hour. Some include a disclaimer!  (e.g. Jim Cleary from PPSG in Madison WI, joining #hpmglobal chat for the next hour. Views are my own.)
  2. RT (retweet) important tweets noting that these will go to all of your followers (including those with no interest in #hpmglobal) and the people following #hpmglobal.
  3. Replying to a tweet, will go to that person, any mutual followers and those following #hpmglobal. So a reply can keep the tweet within the discussion group.
  4. Use MT (modify tweet) if you change someone else’s tweet.
  5. Topics throughout the hour will be started by the moderator who will identify these as T1, T2, T3… Include “the T1 or T2” in your tweets, retweets and replies so others can keep track of the discussion.
  6. Save any announcements etc for the last five minutes of the discussion!

Please include other tips in the comments below if you have any and volunteer to moderate a future discussion.

Look forward to tweeting with you each week.


3 thoughts on “#hpmglobal tweetchat.

  1. It looks as if this Tweet Chat is supported and is assisting the Pain & Policy Study Group. If this is accurate, I thank the leaders for your transparency. When participants are volunteering their knowledge, skill and ability, the opportunity to see the people and/or organizations that will also benefit from their efforts is in my mind a best practice model.

    I appreciate it when a Tweet Chat community announces the topic and gives links to the information and sources that will be discussed several days before the chat takes place. This gives each participant the same chance to read and learn more about the topic before the chat begins. When I enter a tweet chat community and the topic is something I’m not familiar and I’ve not been given the opportunity to learn more about this if feels a little like I’ve been given a pop quiz that I’m not prepared.

    I support the mission of the Pain & Policy Group.

    Posted by businessrelationshipsmatter | April 6, 2012, 5:25 PM
  2. “Morphine consumption per cancer death” can be a indicator for palliative care. But I think there are some limitations especially when it is not available in all countries.

    Posted by Dr. Bishnu Dutta Paudel | April 23, 2012, 2:31 AM


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