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The use of terms in substance control legislation and policies

The use of terms is an important issue in legislation and policies. Correct use of terms in a text body contributes to the realization of its objectives. Like body language is important for a speaker and can send messages contrary to what the speaker is saying, the choice of inappropriate terms can be counter-productive for … Continue reading

A letter from Bangladesh: IR Morphine at last!

Drs Farzana Khan and Rumana Dowla of Bangledesh, have been International Pain Policy Fellows with the support of Livestrong! I had the honor to participate in the the first seminar with fellow visiting colleagues, Drs Cynthia Goh and Eric Krakauer.  It is always a pleasure delight and honor to hear of impact of one of … Continue reading

#PalliativeCare Resolution @WHO #EB134 2014 #hpmglobal

The Executive Board of the WHO continues to meet in Geneva this week and on Thursday or Friday (January 23 or 24) will discuss a first resolution devoted entirely to palliative care. This resolution has been moved forward by Panama with the co-sponsorship of Australia, Chile, Colombia, Ghana, Libya, Malaysia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, and the … Continue reading

JAMA Forum: The Public Health Challenge of Drug Overdose « news@JAMA

This JAMA Forum article, by Joshua M. Sharfstein, MD, a pediatrician and Secretary of the Maryland Dept of Health and Mental Hygiene. A balanced piece. I particularly like how he finishes it!  “..sees the problem in full.”  This should include the under treatment of pain! “With so many perspectives on the challenge of drug overdose, … Continue reading

VM — When Medicine Is Powerless, Dec 13 … Virtual Mentor

VM — When Medicine Is Powerless, Dec 13 … Virtual Mentor. From the American Medical Assoc. J of Ethics. Fascinating exploration of long standing calls for “palliative care!”

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