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Palliative Care Network of Wisconsin Fast Facts | Opioid Politics: Pseudoaddiction Caught in the Crossfire

I share David’s concerns in his piece “Opioid Politics: Pseudoaddiction Caught in the Crossfire!” Very important to go back to the original article and definition. It may have been misused by others but the article itself is a genuine description of what is a problem still to this day! Source: Palliative Care Network of Wisconsin … Continue reading

Children’s #PalliativeCare side event at World Health Assembly #WHA68 – #Hpmglobal discussion to follow

    World Health Assembly 67 (in 2014) was an exciting year for palliative care with the successful passing of the Palliative Care resolution. While Palliative Care was not an individual agenda item this year, in 2016, the Director -General will be required to report back to Assembly on Progress. What was impressive at this … Continue reading

PM – ‘Chronic pain is basically plasticity gone wild’: Dr Norman Doidge 18/05/2015

 ‘Chronic pain is basically plasticity gone wild’: Dr Norman Doidge 18/05/2015.  An interesting read and listen! #Hpm #hpmglobal @amworldtodaypm

The use of terms in substance control legislation and policies

The use of terms is an important issue in legislation and policies. Correct use of terms in a text body contributes to the realization of its objectives. Like body language is important for a speaker and can send messages contrary to what the speaker is saying, the choice of inappropriate terms can be counter-productive for … Continue reading

Celebrating success: A Palliative Care Law for Colombia

It is with great pleasure that we share some recent successes of the Pain and Policy Studies Group’s International Pain Policy Fellowship (IPPF). The principal goal of the IPPF is to develop national leaders from low‐ and middle‐income countries (LMICs) and empower them with the necessary knowledge, skills and guidance to improve the availability and … Continue reading

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