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“Deadly Dose:” Comments on the @sanjayguptacnn special

Have you ever been looking for that situation to include Bill Clinton in a paper, email or blog? Well it just happened with the former President’s appearance on the CNN Special, “Deadly Dose.” President Clinton had, in fact contacted Sanjay Gupta because of a personal experience with the death of two younger men. These men … Continue reading News/Research UPDATES: CDC Discloses Menacing Data on Methadone News/Research UPDATES: CDC Discloses Menacing Data on Methadone.  Another perspective on Methadone’s role in opioid associated deaths in the USA

CDC recognizes Methadone’s role in Prescription Opioid deaths

It is heartening to see the CDC dig deeper into understanding the real cause of prescription opioid associated deaths in the United States.  In a new Vital Signs released this week, the CDC states “methadone has played a central role in the epidemic.” Some of the facts: -30% of opioid assoc deaths involve methadone but … Continue reading

Know thy Apps. Their role in Opioid Conversions!!

Methadone is still the opioid with which I am most cautious. Yesterday in clinic we were talking about its use, conversion and risks as we were seeing a woman who was on Methadone 20 mg tid with a diagnosis of cervical cancer. Methadone is the opioid most commonly associated with opioid deaths in the US … Continue reading

Guidelines for Opioids in palliative care (a NICE draft)

What is NICE about opioids? NICE is the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence in the UK.  It is an independent organisation responsible for providing national guidance on promoting good health and preventing and treating ill health.  It makes recommendations to the NHS on: new and existing medicines, treatments and procedures. Treating and caring … Continue reading

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