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Kenya and Palliative Care: Care across the Continuum for all!

As we move forward (or is it backward) towards the UN Summit for Non Communicable Disease, it is essential that we consider both treatment and prevention strategies for NCDs. ¬†As Diederik Lohman, of Human Rights Watch, reminds us we should not just be preventing “avoidable deaths,” a common mantra around global health but also preventing … Continue reading

“Cancer patients, extraordinary victims of the war against drugs!” LIFE before Death Film #13.

Yes, we can make cancer pain relief personal, but we really need to address the politics of pain. As you read this, the UN member states continue to negotiate the wording of the UN Declaration on Non Communicable Diseases. Things are NOT going well according to Richard Smith in a BMJ Editorial¬†published today: “Wobbly” is … Continue reading

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