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Palliative Care in the UN Summit on NCDs: A little goes a long way! Lifebeforedeath Film 18

The UN Declaration on Non-Communicable Disease is in!  OK, it is going to be discussed and ratified at the meeting from Sept 19-20 in New York but the negotiation have concluded and it is all but complete.  But palliative care is in. Yes 4 places!!  You make think that this is not much but the … Continue reading

Pain in HIV: LifebeforeDeath Short Film #8

“I’m HIV positive, I’m sick, I will have pain and that’s that kind of  acceptance of pain and they don’t bring it up.” A stigmatizing disease with a stigmatizing symptom. A symptom that has been largely ignored by those involved in setting the research and treatment agendas for HIV/AIDS.  In the 30 years since AIDS … Continue reading

AIDS at 30: Personal reflections of a Palliative Care physician

Perhaps it is my age or the increasing grey in my hair, but I realized last week that HIV has been around since I was a medical student! That realization caused me to reflect on those 30 years and my experiences with HIV/AIDs. 1. The first person with HIV that I saw in Adelaide in … Continue reading

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