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The Global #PalliativeCare Atlas: A joint @WHO and @theWPCA publication.

The WHO and the World Palliative Care Alliance are to be congratulated for the release of the Global Atlas of Palliative Care at the End of Life!  This is another part of the ongoing progress within the Global Health Community to advance palliative care! It is (conservatively) estimated that every year more than 20 million … Continue reading

‘Dispensing Comfort” Global cancer pain: A view from PRI’s The World

Since 1996, the Pain and Policy Studies Group (PPSG) has been pointing out the stark differences in opioid consumption around the world through graphs and maps and most recently with Gapminder. But the above infographic by Kim Ducharme and Zia Sobhani takes the cake! To see the bloated shapes of US, Canada and Australia and a … Continue reading

“Treating pain in China: Opioids or Acupuncture?” Life Before Death Film #17

20% of the world’s population, but with very low morphine consumption.  And as this graph shows, very little increase in consumption from 0.0069 mg in 1983 to to 0.68 mg/person in 2008.  A hundred fold increase but we do have to be careful with statistics (Fibs, lies and Statistics, Aug 2011). Still much too low. … Continue reading

Uganda’s empowering of Nurses for Palliative Care: LifeB4Death Film 15

The 3rd Edition of the Oxford Textbook of Palliative Medicine states the following. Uganda serves as a brilliant model, like Wisconsin and Catalonia, for the importance of an integrated government and community non-governmental approach.  Each one by themselves in isolation, will not achieve much. Why does Uganda get such acclaim along with Wisconsin and Catalonia? … Continue reading

“We all belong” Addressing the crisis: Short film #6

“As I look around the world I see that about a billion people in the world have access to decent pain management and palliative care.  That leaves almost 6 billion people with virtually no access to good analgesics or health care professionals who know how to appropriately administer them. To me this is a crisis.” Frank … Continue reading

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