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JAMA Forum: The Public Health Challenge of Drug Overdose « news@JAMA

This JAMA Forum article, by Joshua M. Sharfstein, MD, a pediatrician and Secretary of the Maryland Dept of Health and Mental Hygiene. A balanced piece. I particularly like how he finishes it!  “..sees the problem in full.”  This should include the under treatment of pain! “With so many perspectives on the challenge of drug overdose, … Continue reading

“Deadly Dose:” Comments on the @sanjayguptacnn special

Have you ever been looking for that situation to include Bill Clinton in a paper, email or blog? Well it just happened with the former President’s appearance on the CNN Special, “Deadly Dose.” President Clinton had, in fact contacted Sanjay Gupta because of a personal experience with the death of two younger men. These men … Continue reading

Opioid Pseudoaddiction revisited.

I see little wrong with the term “pseudoaddiction.” The term, and the paper from which it was derived, has recently been the subject of some criticism.  But really there is not much wrong with the paper (yes, a single case report of which there are many in the medical literature).  It was published in Pain, … Continue reading

CDC recognizes Methadone’s role in Prescription Opioid deaths

It is heartening to see the CDC dig deeper into understanding the real cause of prescription opioid associated deaths in the United States.  In a new Vital Signs released this week, the CDC states “methadone has played a central role in the epidemic.” Some of the facts: -30% of opioid assoc deaths involve methadone but … Continue reading

“Fibs lies and…..! Hold on, a Statistician picks up the ball on the US Prescription Drug crisis

“ProPublica fumbles painkiller story; Seattle Times scores touchdown” ProPublica leads attack on painkillers by misusing statistics; But Seattle Times investigation uncovers really shocking numbers.  Coming up to Superbowl, US football analogies are getting thicker.  But this blog headline is certainly attracting attention in pain circles.  Rebecca Goldin PhD and Cindy Merrick, a doctoral student working … Continue reading

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