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ATOME: Access To Opioid Medication in Europe; 6 Nation Workshop

Asra Husain (@asra_husain) and I are currently on our way to Bucharest, Romania to participate in a workshop coordinated by the Access to Opioid Medication in Europe (ATOME) project. This project, funded by the European Commission is bringing together a group of organizations that includes EAPC, WPCA, WHO and PPSG that will work with the … Continue reading

Heroin and Morphine; Almost the same?

I was watching CNN on Sunday night, a program about babies in Florida being born to mothers misusing/abusing oxycodone. ¬†Yes the new “crack babies.” In fact the program was showing a graph of the number of “crack babies” decreasing as “oxy babies” increased, when they interrupted the program to announce a resolution to the “debt … Continue reading

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