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Children’s #PalliativeCare side event at World Health Assembly #WHA68 – #Hpmglobal discussion to follow

    World Health Assembly 67 (in 2014) was an exciting year for palliative care with the successful passing of the Palliative Care resolution. While Palliative Care was not an individual agenda item this year, in 2016, the Director -General will be required to report back to Assembly on Progress. What was impressive at this … Continue reading

Codeine and Kids

Codeine! The analgesic of choice for head injury patients for junior house staff those many moons ago!  It wasn’t really a choice, we weren’t allow to use morphine because it was dangerous! But what do we know now….? Codeine is a pro-drug that gets broken down to morphine.  So all those years ago we were delivering … Continue reading

Cancer patients suffer from poor access to palliative care –

Cancer patients suffer from poor access to palliative care – From the Financial times: World Child cancer addressing palliative care & access to opioids

“Treat your children well!” Thoughts on Life Before Death Film 21

Thanks to Life Before Death for covering Pediatric Palliative Care. But the title of their series is almost at odds with Pediatric Palliative Care.  Children are not meant to die.  Parents are not meant to bury their children.  Surely Life before Death in children is inconsistent with palliative care in children. There are two things … Continue reading

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