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Palliative Care Network of Wisconsin Fast Facts | Opioid Politics: Pseudoaddiction Caught in the Crossfire

I share David’s concerns in his piece “Opioid Politics: Pseudoaddiction Caught in the Crossfire!” Very important to go back to the original article and definition. It may have been misused by others but the article itself is a genuine description of what is a problem still to this day! Source: Palliative Care Network of Wisconsin … Continue reading

Improving Access to Opioid Medicines in Vietnam

A recently published article in the Journal of Pain & Symptom Management highlights the important progress being made towards the safe accessibility of opioid medicines in Vietnam. The article focuses on the work accomplished through the Pain & Policy Studies Group’s International Pain Policy Fellowship (IPPF) by Madame Nguyen Thi Phuong Cham, formerly a pharmacist in … Continue reading

The use of terms in substance control legislation and policies

The use of terms is an important issue in legislation and policies. Correct use of terms in a text body contributes to the realization of its objectives. Like body language is important for a speaker and can send messages contrary to what the speaker is saying, the choice of inappropriate terms can be counter-productive for … Continue reading

International Association for Hospice & Palliative Care

International Association for Hospice & Palliative Care. A report from the 57th Session of the Commission of Narcotic Drugs!

57th Meeting of the Commission Of Narcotic Drugs: Meeting Highlights!

The 57th Meeting of the Commission of Narcotic Drugs is taking place in Vienna from March 13 to 21.  A number of extraordinary events are taking place at this meeting. One is a side event (events that are not part of the main agenda but often very important in sharing information to member state delegates … Continue reading

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