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57th Meeting of the Commission Of Narcotic Drugs: Meeting Highlights!

The 57th Meeting of the Commission of Narcotic Drugs is taking place in Vienna from March 13 to 21.  A number of extraordinary events are taking place at this meeting. One is a side event (events that are not part of the main agenda but often very important in sharing information to member state delegates … Continue reading

“Deadly Dose:” Comments on the @sanjayguptacnn special

Have you ever been looking for that situation to include Bill Clinton in a paper, email or blog? Well it just happened with the former President’s appearance on the CNN Special, “Deadly Dose.” President Clinton had, in fact contacted Sanjay Gupta because of a personal experience with the death of two younger men. These men … Continue reading

“A Silk Purse from a Sow’s Ear?” The 2011 WPCA Global Palliative Care Report Card

This World Hospice and Palliative Day, Oct 8th, 20011, the World Palliative Care Alliance (@thewpca) released a new report, Mapping Levels of Palliative Care Development: A Global Update 2011. Commendations to the principal authors, Tom Lynch, David Clark and Stephen Connor who make comparisons with a previous 2006 report. They analyze, using a method that they … Continue reading

“Treating pain in China: Opioids or Acupuncture?” Life Before Death Film #17

20% of the world’s population, but with very low morphine consumption.  And as this graph shows, very little increase in consumption from 0.0069 mg in 1983 to to 0.68 mg/person in 2008.  A hundred fold increase but we do have to be careful with statistics (Fibs, lies and Statistics, Aug 2011). Still much too low. … Continue reading

Does the USA have a greater need of opioid analgesics?

In the discussion on “Back to School,” film # 12 in the LIFE before Death series, the recent BMJ articles quoting Dr Volkow, the Director of the USA National Institute for Drug Abuse (NIDA) were referenced. This question in particular stands out. “I think it poses the question, why do we have much greater need … Continue reading

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