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The Global #PalliativeCare Atlas: A joint @WHO and @theWPCA publication.

The WHO and the World Palliative Care Alliance are to be congratulated for the release of the Global Atlas of Palliative Care at the End of Life!  This is another part of the ongoing progress within the Global Health Community to advance palliative care! It is (conservatively) estimated that every year more than 20 million … Continue reading

Palliative Care in the UN Summit on NCDs: A little goes a long way! Lifebeforedeath Film 18

The UN Declaration on Non-Communicable Disease is in!  OK, it is going to be discussed and ratified at the meeting from Sept 19-20 in New York but the negotiation have concluded and it is all but complete.  But palliative care is in. Yes 4 places!!  You make think that this is not much but the … Continue reading

Uganda’s empowering of Nurses for Palliative Care: LifeB4Death Film 15

The 3rd Edition of the Oxford Textbook of Palliative Medicine states the following. Uganda serves as a brilliant model, like Wisconsin and Catalonia, for the importance of an integrated government and community non-governmental approach.  Each one by themselves in isolation, will not achieve much. Why does Uganda get such acclaim along with Wisconsin and Catalonia? … Continue reading

Pain in HIV: LifebeforeDeath Short Film #8

“I’m HIV positive, I’m sick, I will have pain and that’s that kind of  acceptance of pain and they don’t bring it up.” A stigmatizing disease with a stigmatizing symptom. A symptom that has been largely ignored by those involved in setting the research and treatment agendas for HIV/AIDS.  In the 30 years since AIDS … Continue reading

“Who is carrying the placard for morphine for palliation at the end-of-life?”…Sir George Alleyne

Sir George is quite a guy. From Barbados, he is Director Emeritus of the Pan America Health Organization (PAHO) having been its director from 1995-2004. He has served the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for HIV/AIDs in the Carribean since 2003. He is a physician and former Chair of the Dept of Medicine at the University of … Continue reading

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