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“Living and Dying in Pain; it doesn’t have to happen!” #hpmglobal #Hpm #pallonc #WHPCDay16

It is indeed an honor to be asked deliver this message for World Hospice and Palliative Care Day 2016. This year’s theme “Living and Dying in Pain; it doesn’t have to happen” really summarizes the 20 years of work of the Pain and Policy Studies Group. In fact David Joranson started this work almost 40 … Continue reading

Palliative Care Network of Wisconsin Fast Facts | Opioid Politics: Pseudoaddiction Caught in the Crossfire

I share David’s concerns in his piece “Opioid Politics: Pseudoaddiction Caught in the Crossfire!” Very important to go back to the original article and definition. It may have been misused by others but the article itself is a genuine description of what is a problem still to this day! Source: Palliative Care Network of Wisconsin … Continue reading

#UNGASS2016 recommendations on Ensuring access to Controlled Substances. #hpmglobal

This week the United Nations General Assembly is considering the World Drug Problem in a Special Session in New York. Through the work of a number of key Member States and Civil Society, access to controlled medicines has gone from not being on the agenda to being a stand alone component on the Final resolution….. … Continue reading

“Palliative Oncology:” My struggle….”Don’t take the Care out of #PalliativeCare”

“Palliative Oncology” has gained some traction within the Cancer arena with the increasing focus on early integration of Palliative care! Don’t get me wrong! I love the focus on Palliative care in Oncology but I still struggle with the concept “palliative oncology.” For years we have heard the concept, “if it’s not curative, it’s palliative;” … Continue reading

Children’s #PalliativeCare side event at World Health Assembly #WHA68 – #Hpmglobal discussion to follow

    World Health Assembly 67 (in 2014) was an exciting year for palliative care with the successful passing of the Palliative Care resolution. While Palliative Care was not an individual agenda item this year, in 2016, the Director -General will be required to report back to Assembly on Progress. What was impressive at this … Continue reading

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