Share your tips for better “Beside Manner:” Life Before Death Film 30

Tips for better “bedside manner.”

  1. Leave your white coat at the door (if you can’t get by without it altogether).

  2. Say hello.

  3. Introduce yourself.

  4. Sit down

  5. Eye contact.

  6. Interact with patient as a person (OK some small talk: food, weather, family photo).

  7. Spend time

  8. Turn your pager/cell phone to vibrate

  9. Ignore your pager for a minute if it goes off (educate folks to page you twice if its urgent).

  10. ………….

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3 thoughts on “Share your tips for better “Beside Manner:” Life Before Death Film 30

  1. It is really good to know as for as bed side manners are concidered. Unfortunate thing is in developing country like India still lot of patients are put in general ward, where there are no curtains to separate patients and most of the time during the rounds the other patients will be hearing what we discuss with the other patient. Still it is good idea to learn about bedside manners, atleast to keep the mobile or pagers in silent mode.

    Posted by Dr.Lingegowda.K.B | December 9, 2011, 9:19 AM
  2. Still another from #inpatientMed (the Unlikely Hospitalist;
    “Sit down and shut up” is a start!

    Posted by Pain policy & palliative care | December 9, 2011, 9:30 AM

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