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“Cure???” Life Before Death Film 28

“But what exactly is meant by “cured”? Until the late 1950’s the term cure was generally taken to mean, in research terms, an overall 5 year survival rate. Now, however, the statistical concept of cure is much closer to the one we all have in mind – that for a group of post-treatment cancer patients, the annual death rate from all causes is similar to that for a normal population of the same age and sex structure.”

Can cancer be cured? Rachel Thomas +plus Magazine

“From profanity to prayer, few words mobilize the hearts and minds of patients like cure. But using this term in the context of survivorship makes me so uncomfortable I sometimes wish we’d ban it. Surely I can find a better solution.”

Chasm of A Cure.      Wendy Harpham, View from the Other Side of The Stephoscope.

“Come on, folks. Don’t overpromise. If what you’ve got is of genuine value and has some innovation to it, you don’t need the “c” word to develop a market. I’ve bought a number of products that promise to assist with effective control, and I will never, ever, buy a ‘cure’.”

The meaning ‘cure:’ An Open Letter to Health Marketers   T Minus Two: Type Two Diabietes and other Passions.

“So can we ever really talk about a cancer cure? In general, the answer is no.”

Cancer: Cure vs. Remission    Dr Z’s Medical Report from Everyday health

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