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Demand and Supply? LIFE before Death Film #10

In order to bring about effective change in balanced opioid availability, we need to address three separate issues.
  • Education
  • Policy
  • Drug Availability.
All of these need to be addressed concurrently.
To plan an education program for clinicians with associated policy changes but without ensuring drug availability, will probably result in the non- implementation of a program (Yes, 2 lines running together does not form a triangle, it forms a straight line).
The need for this three sided approach is why, at times, it can feel so hard to implements an effective drug availability program for controlled substances.It is also essential that this supply is a constant one. Perhaps one thing almost as bad as no pain relief, is to give people the experience of effective pain relief and then not have enough medications available.
Still much work to be done on this with much collaboration with those who make up the supply side of the process.
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