“We all belong” Addressing the crisis: Short film #6

“As I look around the world I see that about a billion people in the world have access to decent pain management and palliative care.  That leaves almost 6 billion people with virtually no access to good analgesics or health care professionals who know how to appropriately administer them. To me this is a crisis.” Frank Ferris, MD

In the face of this crisis, there are many ways for us to share the message: journals, newspaper, radio, TV, film, internet, web pages, social media.

Music is another way and Treat the Pain has done this with Life before Death.

In this world of sound bites these are some of the keys messages:

“4 of every 5 people globally lack access to essential pain medicines.”

“Over 5 billion people are affected worldwide.”

“3.6 million people will die with untreated severe pain from cancer and HIV this year.”

“99.9% of those deaths will be in low and middle-income countries.”

“15% of the world currently uses 94% of the world’s medicinal opioids.”

We need to make palliative and the global access to pain relief, personal!

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6 thoughts on ““We all belong” Addressing the crisis: Short film #6

  1. and there are many people who isn’t cancer and AIDS patients, but they palliative care in life before death. I will sent this infomation to physicians and Vietnam PC network.

    Posted by Nguyen Thi Phuong Cham | June 24, 2011, 9:51 PM
  2. Yes, they are really great moving short movies, but I’m afraid in that last case the authorities will suggest, so we aren’t exclusion, the same is happening in the whole world; so the situation is not so awful. This is situation when prospectors feel quite comfortable.

    Posted by pati | June 28, 2011, 3:05 AM


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