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LIFE before Death Conspiracy of Silence: Short films available through Painpolicy blog.

Over the last 2 years, PPSG has been working with Moonshine Movies and its leadership, Mike and Sue Hill in their efforts to capture on film the significant global issue of untreated pain. As well as a TV documentary and a full length movie, Moonshine will be releasing a weekly short film that highlights the tragedy of untreated pain for 80% of the world’s population.  The opportunity for change is high with the UN Summit on Non Communicable disease in September in New York.  UICC and it program GAPRI (Global Access to Pain Relief Initiative, is working hard with many others including PPSG to correct this problem. These movies put a human face to the problem.

Three of the four expert faces you will see in this first short film are affiliated with our International Pain Policy Fellowship, a program supported by Open Society Foundation (OSF) and Livestrong. These fellowships are awarded to individuals in low and middle income countries who are committed to improving access to opioids through a public health model. They work on improving drug availability, improving policy and educating clinicians.

Dr Henry Ddungu from Uganda was one of our original fellows, who has now moved into a mentoring role along with Dr MR Rajagopal from India and Mary Callaway from the International Palliative Care Initiative of OSF.  Dr Betty Ferrell, a global nurse leader, based out of the City of Hope, is a long time friend of PPSG and she completes this panel.

Please share the link to these videos and visit us weekly to continue to be educated on this significant issue.


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